Are Performance Reviews Still Relevant? 6 Tips for Making Nonprofit Reviews More Effective

What is Your Goal?

  1. How am I doing?
  2. How is my work contributing to the team’s and organization’s performance?
  3. In what areas could my work improve to better serve the team and organization?
  4. What steps should I take to improve my performance in those areas?
  5. How will the organization invest in my development to help me improve my performance?

Is Your Current System Meeting Your Goal?

  • Being judged on expectations and goals that were never established or clearly communicated.
  • Being judged on one person’s — possibly biased — opinion of their work.
  • Being judged on their worst day or one recent mistake.

How Can We Make Them Better?

1. Set Clear Goals

2. More Frequent, Less Formal Evaluations

3. Constructive, Concrete Feedback

4. Response Time

5. Avoid the Traps of Our Sector

6. Review the Review



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