Are IQ, EQ and SQ the Secret to Great Social Sector Leaders?

  • Are you investing in professional development both within an employee’s function area and outside it? For example, could your social workers or teachers attend a business planning course? Could your CFO attend a motivational interviewing course?
  • Are you cross-pollinating between and among departments to learn from each other’s purpose, perspective and processes?
  • When you have staff attend a conference or workshop, how widely are the lessons learned shared?
  • Do you invest in supervisor training for relationship management — how to lead, change, manage conflict and build teams?
  • Do you judge performance not only on activities completed, but also on competencies (e.g., teamwork) — encouraging growth in both areas?
  • Do you attend seminars on topics completely unrelated to your cause? If so, do you walk away with new ideas?
  • Do you encourage “out of the box” thinking? Do you ask yourself how you would address your cause if you had no limitations?
  • Do you use concepts like design thinking and collaboration to improve your systems?
  • Do you operate more tactically or more strategically? Do you flex your strategic muscle regularly?



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