4 Elements of Entrepreneurial Culture and How to Incorporate Them into Your Nonprofit

  • Do leaders have an open-door policy for new ideas and feedback?
  • Do you share lessons learned from success as well as failure?
  • Is it a norm for individuals to share constructive criticism to push thinking and minimize risk?
  • Do employees at every level understand the “big picture”?
  • Are you monitoring customer (e.g., client, donors, volunteers) feedback — quantitatively and qualitatively — to detect shifts in needs and/or behaviors?
  • Do you regularly seek feedback from external stakeholders about your performance and what more you could be doing to serve your mission?
  • Do you question the status quo (a.k.a., “We have always done it this way.”) to ensure that it is still the best way?
  • Do you push decisions downward to those on the front line and with the most information?
  • Do you reward the right behavior more than you reprimand negative behavior?
  • How does your organization handle failure? Do you learn from it and share lessons learned?
  • Do all employees have goals for personal improvement that are regularly discussed and nurtured?
  • When something goes wrong, does everyone pitch in without playing the blame game?
  • Do you share best practices and newsworthy trends with everyone for feedback and possible implementation within the organization?



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